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Digital Circuit Design Principles and Practice (Technology Today Book 3)

ISBN: 1499686900

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Digital Circuit Design Principles and Practice Technology Today Book 3

Digital Circuit Design: Principles and Practice: Volume 3 (Technology Today series) by Michael Collier
English | 12 Jun. 2014 | ISBN: 1499686900 | 208 Pages | PDF | 91.37 MB

The modern world is overrun with electronic equipment, handling huge quantities of data. At the heart of this scenario lies the digital circuitry, which provides the powerful intelligence needed. Thus, there is an increasing need for design engineers in this expanding area.
This text starts from basic ideas of logical gates, and progresses through to advanced concepts of digital systems. Each chapter comes with a wealth of illustrative examples and assignment questions for lecture-room use.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Digital Systems and Logic Gates
1.1 The transition from analogue to digital signals
1.2 Digital logic levels
1.3 The concept of gates
1.4 The AND gate
1.5 The OR gate
1.6 The XOR gate (Exclusive-OR)
1.7 The NOT gate
1.8 Bubbled gates
1.9 The NOR gate
1.10 The NAND gate
1.11 The XNOR gate
Chapter 2 Boolean Algebra
2.1 Introducing Boolean algebra
2.2 The AND operation in Boolean algebra
2.3 The OR operation in Boolean algebra
2.4 The XOR operation in Boolean algebra
2.5 The NOT function in Boolean algebra
2.6 Examples of Boolean calculations
2.7 Theorems of Boolean algebra
Chapter 3 Combinational Logic
3.1 Illustrations of combinational logic
3.2 Developing Boolean expressions for combinational circuits
3.3 The importance of minimisation
3.4 Karnaugh maps (K-maps)
3.5 Summary of K-map looping rules
3.6 "Can't Happen" states
3.7 Static hazards
Chapter 4 Number Systems
4.1 Types of numerical system
4.2 The Decimal number system
4.3 The Binary system
4.4 Binary-to-Decimal conversion
4.5 Decimal-to-binary conversion
4.6 Binary operations
4.7 The Hexadecimal number system
Chapter 5 Adders, Subtractors and Multipliers
5.1 Arithmetic in digital circuits
5.2 The half adder
5.3 The full adder
5.4 The parallel binary adder (Ripple carry parallel adder)
5.5 The half subtractor
5.6 The full subtractor
5.7 Multipliers
Chapter 6 Multiplexers and Decoders
6.1 Comparators
6.2 Multiplexers
6.3 Demultiplexers
6.4 Encoders
6.5 Decoders
Chapter 7 Latches and Flip-Flops
7.1 Introducing time into logic circuits
7.2 The bistable multivibrator (Flip-flop)
7.3 The SR latch
7.4 The SR flip-flop
7.5 The T-type flip-flop
7.6 The D-type flip-flop (Data latch)
7.7 The JK flip-flop
7.8 The Master-Slave JK flip-flop
7.9 Preset and Clear inputs
7.10 Integrated circuit flip-flops
Chapter 8 Shift Registers
8.1 Basic shift register functions
8.2 Serial-in serial-out shift registers
8.3 Serial-in parallel-out shift registers
8.4 Parallel-in serial-out shift registers
8.5 Parallel-in parallel-out shift registers
8.6 Bidirectional shift registers
8.7 Shift register counters
Chapter 9 Multivibrators and Timers
9.1 What are multivibrators?
9.2 Astable multivibrators
9.3 The monostable multivibrator
9.4 The 555 timer
9.5 Applications of the 555 timer
Chapter 10 Counters
10.1 Introducing counters
10.2 Asynchronous counter operation
10.3 Synchronous counter operation
10.4 Up/down synchronous counters
10.5 Cascaded counters
10.6 Counter decoding
10.7 Counter applications conversion
Chapter 11 Memories and Data Storage
11.1 Memory types
11.2 Classification by fabrication technology
11.3 Memory terminology
11.4 ROM (Read-Only Memory)
11.5 RAM (Random-Access Memory)
Chapter 12 Design of Digital Integrated Circuits (ICs)
12.1 Logic families
12.2 Electrical characteristics of digital ICs margin
12.3 RTL and DTL families
12.4 The TTL logic family
12.5 The ECL logic family
12.6 The I2L logic family
12.7 The MOSFET logic family
12.8 CMOS circuits gates
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